Obamarama, the black face of the new world order

He came in quietly and then he was the craze standing in big stadiums like a rock star and inspiring millions of people with his charisma and his good looks. He was going to bring back the troops from Iraq. He was going to close Guantanamo. He was going to put an end to the shameful patriot act. And then he was elected. The troops are not coming home for another year and half (at least) and more troops are to be sent to Afghanistan. Guantanamo is still there and the terrorism fear mongering continues to be present in his speeches. ‘Make no mistake’, Bush’s infamous expression is coming out of his mouth. He’s furthering indebting Americans with his wall street’s bailouts and surrounded himself by the wall street men behind the curtain. But the world loves him, deceived by the idea of Obama, an ‘African’ looking face. Deluded into the words of a man who is just a front man working for the manipulators of an economic crisis that will continue the agenda of the new world order. The words of George Orwell are buzzing in my head, something to the effect of: if you want to know what the future of humanity looks like, imagine an army boot pressing down the face of a human being. Yes…it’s 1984 and big brother is here.


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