Citizen Samba

Versão original por Canhoto, em português (Brazilian original version blogged by Canhoto at):
Note: this post follows up the English version of Orson Welles Filmed a Brazilian Classic – Is That True?, posted on this blog about two months ago. (Brazilian original version blogged by Canhoto at:
Carnaval is here. And Orson Welles left a Samba selection from his 1942 film It’s All True – which no-one has heard yet. Even though he worked with Herivelto and Dalva, and at Globo nobody wanted him in the plot! They even preferred to create inexistent characters … go figure…
So here’s the long awaited song list with download
01) Linda Batista – Batuque no Morro
02) Anjos do Inferno – Nós Os Carecas
03) Pixinguinha – Carinhoso
04) Trio de Ouro – Ave Maria do Morro
05) Dom Um Romão – Escravos de Jó
06) Época de Ouro – Um a Zero
07) Vadico – Se Alguém Disse
08) Anjos do Inferno – Nega do Cabelo Duro
09) Orlando Silva – Lero-Lero
10) Trio de Ouro – Lamento Negro
11) Ataulfo Alves – Ai, Que Saudades da Amélia
12) Trio de Ouro – Praça Onze

One response to “Citizen Samba

  • Lawrence French

    What a fabulous collection of songs you have put together for IT’S ALL TRUE…

    I’ve just downloaded them and can’t thatn you enough… I’ve been dying to hear some of the songs Welles might have considered for the sound track of IT’S ALL TRUE.

    I’m going to post a link to your site on shortly, and think Welles’ daughter Christopher will be happy to hear these selections, as well.

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