Sanctimonious / Santimônia


Sanc-ti-mo-ni-ous: making a hypocritical show of religious devotion, piety, righteousness, etc.

Following the example given by the fabulous Braganza Mothers, I invite you to copy the image above and spread the “We are against the pope’s visit to Portugal” campaign. And I would like to take this opportunity to add that in fact, this blog is not just against the pope’s visit to Portugal, this blog is against the pope’s visit anywhere. Actually to be perfectly honest this blog is in reality 100% against the pope. This one or any. There I said it. Happy easter and watch out for the bunny.


San-ti-mô-nia: Exterioridades, devoções falsas, rigores de santidade aparente.

Seguindo o exemplo das fabulosas Braganza Mothers, estão convidados a copiar a imagem acima e ajudar a espalhar a Campanha “Somos contra a Visita do Papa a Portugal”. E já agora gostaria de acrescentar que na realidade, este blogue não só é contra a visita do papa a Portugal, este blogue é contra a visita do papa seja lá onde for. Na verdade, para ser perfeitamente honesta, este blogue, na realidade, é 100% contra o papa. Este, ou qualquer outro. Pronto, falei. Boa Páscoa e cuidado com o coelhinho.


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    […] Playboy USA has the highest christian morals, even when it comes to porn. The sky is therefore the limit and J.C. is not to be pictured in bed with a hottie. Saramago’s The Gospel according to Jesus Christ caused the predictable hypocritical drama queen attitude from the Vatican, and a surprising interference from the Portuguese government who banned Saramago’s text from a list for a literary prize, for being “offensive” to an institution that – let’s get some perspective here – protects pedophile priests. What was that about separating church from state? And what’s that word again…? Ah… Sanctimoniousness… […]

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